As part of the project plan, consideration is given not only to the technological and scientific side of the project and the deployment of conversational avatars but also to the further development of the technology made available through the project. This further development can take place in several ways, looking at broadening the development on the one hand and deepening it on the other hand. The focus of the project is on healthcare, but the use of conversational avatars is also seen by the project partners in other markets. These include increasing interactivity in chatbots and support with simple (secretarial) tasks, such as giving directions in large premises and buildings or solving simple questions within an organization. The partners also mentioned that taking over small (structured) tasks, such as filling out a work order or reporting work activities, is promising in commercially deploying the outcomes of the project.

From April of this year, interviews with project partners have taken place whereby structure has been added to the questioning and therefore more direction could be determined in drawing up the future for the project. The outcomes of these interviews will be included in the final report.